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Courtney Tarbox: Loan Originator in Tupper Lake

Courtney Tarbox Tupper Lake Loan Originator
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Courtney Tarbox: Loan Originator in Tupper Lake

The process of getting a mortgage is complex and can feel overwhelming. Online calculators let you plug in numbers to estimate what you can afford. Algorithms, however, can’t factor in all aspects of the equation. North Country loan experts can.

At NCSB’s Tupper Lake lending office, loan originator Courtney Tarbox is poised to walk aspiring homeowners through the essential first steps of being approved for a mortgage. “It’s exciting to help families find their dream home, or even their second home or vacation home here in the Adirondacks,” says Tarbox.

With the inventory of single-family homes in the Adirondack Region (and nationwide) being scarce, it is essential to be pre-approved for a loan. “If you’re going to shop for homes, it’s easier to have a pre-approval range, so you know how much you can afford and what your limit is,” says Tarbox. “Then you can shop within your price range.”

She is well versed in North Country Savings Bank’s range of offerings, which include loans for:

Homes including single, double and modular homes,



Home equity and


Tarbox also understands that life progresses in anything but a straight line, and financial circumstances can change readily for existing loan customers. There are myriad options that the bank offers when it comes to refinancing, and she has them memorized.

Like all of NCSB’s loan experts, Tarbox brings a personal touch to the mortgage process that she sees as a natural extension to the North Country way of being. Born and raised in the North Country, Tarbox has lived in the Tupper Lake region for four years with her husband. They have two young sons, and she would not want to be anywhere else. “I love the small community. I love that you know everyone. I just love the small schools,” says Tarbox. “My boys will grow up with people they’re close to, and I believe that makes all the difference.”

As the bank’s Tupper Lake lending office representative, she helps to impart that spirit in Tupper Lake, participating in “Trick or Treating on Park” and “Santa on Park” events, when the “uptown” stretch of Park Street gets closed off and businesses help to organize family-oriented holiday celebrations.

Similarly, Tarbox finds the same spirit of community as a member of NCSB’s regional team of loan originators. “NCSB is a great place to work,” says Tarbox. “We are very team oriented. Even though we all work in different branches and offices, we communicate every day. You’re never alone. You’ve always got somebody.”

Our Tupper Lake Lending Office is located at 91 Park Street, Tupper Lake, NY. Customers in Franklin County can visit this location to learn more about our various loan offerings. Please note there is no ATM or drive-thru at this location. 

All of our loan experts are registered with the Nationwide Mortgage Licensing System and Registry (NMLS). NCSB does business in Accordance with the Federal Fair Lending Laws.

Posted Date: 27 Apr 2023

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