How to Enjoy a Staycation in the North Country Without Breaking the Bank

Even though most of us have put our travel plans on pause, packed away our suitcases, and put our sandals and beach towels away for the season, we still have the itch to go somewhere, anywhere, and get away for a bit. Enter the staycation—or planning a trip in your own "backyard."

As we're all being a bit more financially conservative, here are our top tips for enjoying a staycation in the North Country without spending a lot:

Stay Mid-Week

Getting away for a night or a few nights can do wonders for your well-being and perspective on things. But hotels tend to charge a premium for weekend stays, so why not use a few days of your untaken vacation time and sneak away mid-week for a night or two? During shoulder seasons in the North Country, many hotels and resorts offer discounted rates for weekday stays. On top of a great deal, you'll likely see fewer guests during the week, which means you could feel like you have the whole pool, hot tub, or other amenities to yourselves!

Day Trips Are In

If getting away for the night isn't in the cards for you, plan a day trip to the next town over or to a drivable destination you've been wanting to check out for a while. As COVID-19 precautions are still in place, many retailers and restaurants are finding new solutions that don't impede the enjoyment of a shopping or dining experience. From Main Streets to mountain trails, just getting out of your own town can be invigorating.

Plan Around Something You Have to Do Anyway

If you are feeling cooped up and want to get away for a night or two, plan your getaway around something you have to do anyway, like visiting family in another part of the state, or even shopping for the holidays. While many towns in the North Country are pausing their annual holiday events, you can create your own pre-holiday getaway. Or, if you're overdue for a visit to family or friends, and looking to meet up safely, book a night away and catch up over dinner.

Ask for a Locals Discount

Locally owned businesses across the North Country offer special perks for locals, including discounts on goods and services. Why? Business owners want to build their own fan base, and keep their loyal fans coming back from another mug of beer or a meal. From two-for-one nights to package deals, it doesn't hurt to ask if there's a locals' discount or perk program.

Hike or Paddle That Place You've Been Meaning To

Somehow, our business sometimes keeps us from doing the very things the North Country is famous for: fishing, hiking, and paddling. Nothing is more restorative than a day spent in the outdoors doing something you love. So cast a line for the first time in a while, go for a hike on uncrowded trails, or dip your paddle in familiar waters and commence outdoor explorations.

These are just a few ideas for planning a cost-effective staycation if you live in the North Country. What are some of your ideas? Share them with us on Facebook!

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