Avoid Scaring Your Wallet This Halloween

Ah, Halloween. Everyone loves decorating the house with spiders and cobwebs, watching scary movies, getting dressed up and, of course, eating candy. Unfortunately, shopping for everything you need at a costume or party supply store can be expensive. These tips can help you have a fun and scary Halloween on a budget.

Get Creative with your Costume - Remember the costume you bought last year that you were sure was timeless and well worth the expense because you would surely wear it again? Before you run down to the store to buy another "timeless" costume, check your closet and see if you can utilize things you already have. You might be surprised how far some black clothes and a set of animal ears can go!

Create your Own Decorations - Sure everyone loves the house with the fog machine, spooky music and scarecrow in the front yard, but all those decoration costs can add up quickly. Instead, try making your own decorations. There are many DIY videos and websites that can help you create a scary ambiance with items you already have at home or can be found at a dollar store.

Host your Annual Soiree on a Budget - If you always host the annual Halloween get-together, make this year's party a group effort. Encourage everyone to bring a dish or drinks so you just have to whip up a few things. To create Halloween ambiance without overspending, use your TV or a Halloween music station to play scary music in addition to your homemade decorations.

Make your Own Treats - Don't spend money on candy for trick-or-treaters that may not even come to your house. Although your trick-or-treaters love the traditional M&Ms and King Size Snickers, they also appreciate homemade treats! Try roasting pumpkin seeds, making popcorn balls or handing out rice crispy treats.

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