Can Money Buy Happiness?

"Money can't buy happiness." It's an old saying that everyone has heard before, but is it true? Most of us would tend to agree, but look at it this way– if you didn't have money in your life, what would that mean for your happiness?

While we all know money isn't everything, consider this: having a steady income allows for financial security – and along with that comes the ability to pay your bills, save for retirement, pay your child's college tuition, etc. If you agree that financial stability can improve your state of mind, consider these tips to ensure you're handling your money in a way that maximizes your happiness.

Ways to be Financially Happy

  • Be Smart – Spend wisely, save regularly, and plain and simple, be smart about your finances. If you're smart about handling your money from the beginning, you will save yourself the worry, stress, and negativity that stem from poorly handled finances. Already in over your head? Make a commitment to getting back on the track toward a happy financial state as soon as possible!
  • Consume Wisely – We've all made unwise decisions as consumers before – whether it was splurging on that tech-toy or racking up more debt on the credit card. But the wise consumer is a happy consumer, and keeping your spending habits in check can ultimately lead to a better financial state. Next time you're thinking about making a big purchase ask yourself, is it really wise to do so?
  • Exercise Patience – In a materialistic world, sometimes it's hard to avoid the instant satisfaction that comes with a shopping spree. While we all get caught up in the moment during a spending splurge, don't forget the value of exercising patience as it applies to your spending habits – spending now might make you miss out on something more important down the road.

Money can't buy happiness... but it can contribute to a financially stable and secure lifestyle.

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