Holiday Spending & Saving Tips

Find out how not to go broke this holiday season!

The holidays are a time of the year where friends and family gather for food, laughter, storytelling, and, usually, presents! When it comes to gift giving, we've got some tips on ways to save and alternative ideas that you might not have thought of. However, we know that presents are not the only big expense that can arise during the holidays, so we've also put together some ideas on how to save on travel, parties, and more. Avoid that huge credit card bill in January by following our tips on how to save big this holiday season!

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North Country Savings Bank (NCSB) training and employee benefits manager Phyllis Howard of Canton, N.Y. proudly supports her community and her NCSB customers, along with her fellow employees.

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Although the winter season tends to linger in the North Country, we embrace the cool temperatures and look forward to longer sunshine-filled days. As residents of the North Country, our team at North Country Savings Bank takes pride in what our region has to offer in every season.

North Country Savings Bank (NCSB) regional loan originator Rob Liggio of Canton, N.Y. helps his community in and out of work. From handling customer inquiries to providing coaching tips to local youth and collegiate players, Liggio brings a positive outlook to everything he does.