Four Reasons to Go Paperless

Global warming, the greenhouse effect, recycling – no matter how you feel about these environmental topics, there’s no denying that consuming less is no longer an option, it’s a necessity. One way that you can cut back on your personal waste and improve the future of our world? Go paperless!

Not only does going paperless positively impact the environment, it makes your life easier and less cluttered.

Reasons to Go Paperless

No Paper = No Waste

First and foremost, going paperless is an easy step you can take toward becoming green. Think about it: your bank prints your statement, which travels by mail and car to your mailbox, and you have another addition to your pile of papers. From the time to the fuel – there are resources being used in this scenario that could be spared by simply signing up for paperless statements.

It’s Easy Being Green

Not only is going paperless environmentally friendly and green, it’s easy, too! In our modern digital world, downloading a PDF with the click of a button sounds so much more appealing than sorting through and filing a stack of paper statements, doesn’t it? And with banks increasingly providing online access to your records, you can keep all of your statements in one secure location.

Going Paperless Saves Time

From the time it takes to walk to your mailbox, to the time it takes to open your statement – don’t forget about the occasional paper cut! – and filing it away or destroying it in the shredder, dealing with a paper statement may only require a few minutes of your time every month, but it adds up! Think about how else you could be spending that time by going paperless.

Digital Organization at Your Fingertips

Receiving a digital version of your statement is efficient. Whether you manage all of your records in one easy-to-use online database or like to download and save to files to a folder on your computer, the Digital Age that we live in today allows for increased organization and efficiency in your life. Start taking advantage of it!

Do you really need any more reasons to go paperless?

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