Giving Thanks in a Different Way

Sometimes when life gets us down, it’s hard to step back and reflect on all the good we have going for us – especially when it comes to money. 

As Thanksgiving approaches, we encourage you to do just that, to look at your big financial picture and no matter what your situation say, “Hey, you’re not doing so bad!”

Simple Things to be Grateful for Every Day

  • You have an income. Whether you have a steady paycheck coming in or enough to get by, an income coming in the door means you’re in a good place. Maybe it’s not what you’ve dreamt of, but is it something to be thankful for? Definitely. 
  • You have the basics taken care of. Food, water, shelter. If you’re reading this, you are lucky enough to receive a newspaper at your home or own a phone, tablet or computer. The basics of life are something to cherish. Never forget that. 
  • Your debt is decreasing. While debt always seems like such a looming mountain that we’re always climbing, remember that just like a hike to the highest peak, making a payment to lower your debts is like taking one more step toward the summit. Keep climbing. 
  • You have a plan (or you’re making one). Have a 401k or a savings account? Thinking about setting one up? These are all signs that you have, or are trying to create, a financial plan for your life. Your future self will thank you for this. 

Even if only one of these things is true for your finances right now, there is always something to be thankful for. 
If you’re looking to improve your personal finances, swing by your local branch or visit our website - we’re always thankful when we can help our customers improve not only their finances, but their lives. 

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