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If you're trying to be more carbon conscious and go green, consider re-evaluating your banking habits. Banking is a paper-heavy industry. Those bills and statements filling up your mailbox are also filling landfills with unnecessary paper waste. Thankfully, advances in technology provide a greener alternative: online (or electronic) banking.

To help you with your green goals, and to offer a convenient alternative to traditional banking, North Country Savings Bank provides all customers with EagleNET Online Banking services. Safe, secure, and available 24/7, it helps you organize and simplify your life – while also reducing your environmental impact.

Thanks to EagleNET, NCSB bankers can say goodbye to paper statements. Sign up for e-statements to have your monthly account information sent to your inbox instead of your mailbox. You can also schedule automatic bill payments, allowing you to select paperless billing for your utilities and other monthly paid services. Not only are you saving paper, but you're also saving time and space! You'll never miss a payment again, and all of your information and statements can be stored digitally instead of in a cumbersome filing cabinet.
You're saving paper, time, and space – why not save some gas, too? Instead of visiting your local branch every time you need to check your balance, transfer money, or deposit a check, you can do that all from home or on the go. EagleNET allows users to check their most recent account balances, access 90 days of account transactions, transfer cash between bank accounts (even those through different institutions), and deposit checks by taking a picture with your phone. You can even do away with IOUs by making payments to friends and family using EagleNET's Popmoney™ payment service instead.

To stay on top of your NCSB accounts from anywhere, download the My Mobile Money Access app. Available through iTunes and Google Play, the app allows you to securely access all of your important account information directly from your mobile device. Only have one hand to spare? No problem! Log in to your account using fingerprint authentication!

Online Banking Best Practices

While EagleNET Online uses stringent security policies, rigorously tested technologies, and a highly trained and experienced staff to keep your financial information safe and secure, you still need to do your part. By following these four best practice guidelines, you can bank online with confidence.

1. Don't Share Your Login

By keeping your username and password to yourself, you can decrease the chances of someone accessing your account without permission. When you're finished accessing your account online, log out and clear the auto-complete bar. If your username remains, it's possible for someone to guess your password.

2. Keep Up With Your Updates

Make sure any device you use to access your accounts has up-to-date anti-virus software and an up-to-date browser. Out-of-date browsers may not support the encryption used by most secure websites.

3. Pick a Unique Password

You don't want something people with a little information about you can guess, like your birthday or street address. Incorporate numbers, letters, and punctuation, as well as capital and lowercase letters, and use a different password for every account.

4. Ignore the "Click-Bait"

Hackers might send you emails that link directly to your login page – or at least something that looks like it! Don't fall in the trap! If you need to access your account information, go directly to NCSB's Online Banking portal and log in there.

Online banking is a safe, convenient, and eco-friendly way to manage your finances. Do away with paper bills and statements, and start managing your finances from the palm of your hand. It's a win-win for you and the environment!

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