High Impact Frugal Fixes to Increase Home Equity

Moving out of your longtime home may feel daunting. Leaving behind comfortable spaces, and memories to explore new adventures isn't easy, but there are a few actions you can take to increase your home's equity as you begin the selling process. Consider the following steps to help improve the value of your home as you put it on the market.

How to Increase the Value of Your Home

1. Revamp your kitchen.

The kitchen is where people come to enjoy time together. Making minor updates, such as painting cabinets, adding new cabinet door handles, and replacing your faucet can go a long way in transforming your kitchen into the newly updated focal point of your house. Also, if you have mismatched appliances, consider installing new face panels for a unified aesthetic.

2. Make your bathrooms shine.

Try adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls, replacing cabinet door handles, and updating sink faucets, as well as towel rack bars to improve the look of your bathrooms. If possible, switch out older, larger sinks with smaller pedestal sinks, get new toilet seats, or re-grout your tub and tile. Lastly, carefully position mirrors and wall hangings to make the space look larger.

3. Refresh your curb appeal.

What catches your eye when looking at houses? Sometimes one look at the outside of your house may impact the potential buyers' interest. Make sure your lawn is mowed, any leaves are raked, and trim any plants or shrubs that may line the yard or a path to your front door. Take simple steps to make the landscaping look professional.

4. Declutter.

Remove personal items, such as family photos and knickknacks. Also, clear off countertops, mantels, and dressers. Decluttering will make rooms look larger and more open. It will also allow potential buyers to visualize the space for themselves.

5. Increase light.

Optimize the natural light in your house by positioning furniture appropriately and removing any large or light-blocking curtains. Try replacing a few of your house's main light fixtures, such as a dining room chandelier or foyer lighting. If you're not able to buy a few new light fixtures, simply changing the light bulbs to newer high wattage bulbs will also improve the lighting.

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