How to Have Your Avocado Toast and A Retirement Fund

Just about everyone with taste buds loves avocado toast, but even if you don't, chances are there's one thing that you love so much, you just can't give it up for something as insignificant as saving money. Right? Wrong! We don't have to sacrifice everything we love in order to save money. If we did, no one would ever save a cent.

Easy Ways to Start Saving for Retirement

  1. Use an App – This has been a revelation for keeping track of spending and savings. Track everything from your accounts to savings goals, create a personalized budget and challenge yourself to stick to it, or use apps such as Qapital, which utilizes a rules-based approach for savings. What does that mean? Well, say you want to save money so you set a rule that lets you round up to the next dollar amount and deposit the difference into an account. You can! You might be surprised at how fast you save $20. It's actually kinda scary – but totally great. North Country Savings Bank's mobile app takes financial planning to the next level, offering bank services for those on the go.
  2. Set up Automated Savings – Just like there are all sorts of apps that let you automate your finances for easy tracking, there are so many automated savings tools that allow you to set and forget savings goals. Ease into it by speaking with your North Country Savings Bank teller, or set up automated deposits with your employer. Set, forget, save.
  3. Hit the Books, Go to the Library – It may seem like a foreign concept to go to the library to check out the latest season of Game of Thrones or your favorite Harry Potter, but most libraries have a totally decent DVD section. You might also find some really cool vintage films! Rather than spend money on a subscription service, why not give this a go? It's free after all. In fact...
  4. Limit Your Subscriptions – Even if you cut the cord with cable a long time ago, chances are you probably still subscribe to an online streaming service – or five! If you only watch one or two shows per service, consider suspending your subscription once that show is over. This will save money and time – think of how much time you spend scrolling in search of a new show.
  5. Unplug & Save – For you environmentally conscious readers out there, this is a moot point. For the rest of us: cut down on your electricity use – and your monthly bill – by unplugging your gadgets and appliances once you're done using them. It may seem small, but appliances, especially those with digital clocks and timers, are constantly using a small amount of electricity. By unplugging unused items in your house, your savings compound over time. Get it?

Forget New Year's Resolutions, "Savings Goals February" is all about falling in love with seeing your savings account grow. Call your personal banker today to get started!


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