Love and Money: 3 Ways to Love Your Finances

Love is in the air now that Valentine’s Day is upon us; but when it comes to your money, are you in love with your finances?

Your relationship with money is one that, like a real-life relationship with another person, requires time, attention, and responsibility. If you find that you’re not in a loving relationship with your finances, now’s the time to change for the better.

Start loving yourself – and your money – with some helpful, loving suggestions.

How to Love Your Finances

  1. LOVE learning – A big part of making responsible decisions when it comes to your finances is understanding them. Just like a real, loving relationship, spending the time to really learn about money, and how you spend, budget and invest it, can lead to a healthier and lasting situation overall.
  2. LOVE paying you – Take a moment to think how happy your future self will be in 10, 20 or 30 years when taking a look at your bank account that has been saving little by little for that same amount of time. Even paying yourself small amounts now can reap big benefits in the future. Think about it.
  3. LOVE opening that statement – There can be two feelings associated with opening your regular bank statement – one of dread and one of love. Which would you prefer? If it’s the latter, then take simple steps right now to start spending responsibly and within your means. Your money will love you for it!

“Love is all you need,” as The Beatles once said. When it comes to your money, taking simple steps to foster a positive and loving state of personal finances can go a long way. 

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