Three Easy Ways to Save for Spring Break

As we enter the end of a long winter, cabin fever has probably set in. But don’t let the cold weather get you down – spring break is just around the corner! Before you’re sitting poolside or lounging at the beach, why not stash away a little cash for your trip to make sure it’s as enjoyable as possible?

Start working toward a completely carefree spring getaway with these three tips for saving money before your departure:

  • Eliminate unnecessary spending. It all comes down to one simple question: “Do I need what I’m about to purchase or do I just want it?” Eliminate the ‘wants’ and substitute them with cheaper alternatives. That coffee you buy every day? Make your own at home. Like to dine out? Consider cooking a little more. You’ll find eliminating the ‘wants’ can quickly add up to some extra cash.
  • Go on a spending ‘fast.’ Leading up to spring break, go on a spending fast and force yourself to control those impulse buys. Especially when it comes to whipping out your credit card at the first site of something you want but don’t necessarily need in that moment, resist the temptation and don a forward-thinking attitude for the spring break souvenirs, special meals, and other experiences that await.
  • Create a budget. If you haven’t already established a budget for this year’s spring break, consider making one, breaking down costs for travel, lodging, meals, spending cash, etc. as you do. If you’ve already covered your costs for travel and lodging, but don’t have enough set aside for those other secondary categories, use the tips above to start saving for them in preparation for your trip.

Saving for anything takes commitment, but if you stay conscientious of where your money goes on a weekly, if not daily, basis leading up to spring break, a little extra cash will be the cherry on top of creating a carefree vacation.

Come up with a plan, write it down and stick to it! If you need more advice, don’t forget – we’re always here to lend advice.

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