Tips for Spring Break Savings

Travelers Gone… Frugal? 

Beach parties, late nights, and too much sun, oh my! While these things might evoke memories from spring breaks of past, today your vacations probably aren't the same carefree trips as they were during your college days – or as cheap.

With spring break right around the corner, your thoughts may drift back to those memorable moments– when saving money wasn't your biggest concern. But don't get stuck in the past; you can still enjoy spring break like it's 1999 – and save, too!

Consider these tips for spring break savings when planning your next escape:

  • Hunt for Deals: Scour the internet for discounts, incentives, and packages for big savings on travel to your ideal destination. With modern technology, deals await at the click of a mouse and the touch of a screen – you just have to look.
  • Travel in Packs: Take advantage of travel packages for groups. Wherever you're headed, consider the number of people you'll be traveling with and look into group travel deals accordingly – you can save big when you bring more business with you.
  • Travel Like a Local: Don't shy away from being an adventurous traveler - from couch surfing to skipping the expensive hotel room for something a little less glamorous, there are numerous ways you can travel frugally. Don't forget to chat with the locals themselves to find the best deals!
  • Do Your Research – and Revert: Doing your research ahead of time can not only save you money on travel to your destination, it can also help you be a more frugal traveler once you're there, too. Whether it's researching restaurants to find delicious eats on the cheap, or skipping the smartphone and reverting to more manual methods of travel planning – plan ahead and save BIG!

Don't be a spender gone wild for your next spring break vacation – be a traveler gone frugal! 

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