7 Ways NCSB Makes Getting Your Mortgage Easy

Imagine a world in which you're your own landlord. You can paint the walls any color you want, hang pictures with actual nails, have a spare bedroom for guests, and a big deck perfect for backyard barbeques. That's what you have to look forward to when you own your own house. Buying your first house is a big, exciting step. You'll finally have a place of your own to call home. You'll build memories, and maybe a family, inside those walls. But first, you need to get a mortgage.

Securing a mortgage can be a challenging process, especially your first time. There are many different options for mortgages, and there's a lot you'll need to provide in order to secure one. Luckily, North Country Savings Bank is there for you every step of the way. From calculating what you can afford in a mortgage to selecting and securing the right kind for you, NCSB makes getting your first mortgage a breeze in these seven ways.

The NCSB Difference:

1. Mortgage Calculator

You've decided you want to buy a house, and you've started looking at what's available in the neighborhood. There's an adorable three bedroom with a nice yard in the ideal location, but is it within your budget? Looking at the overall asking price of a house, it can be difficult to determine if that breaks down into an affordable monthly payment. Before you get your heart set on something way out of your price range, calculate your potential mortgage using North Country Savings Bank's handy Mortgage Calculator. Just enter some information about the loan you would need and the annual taxes, and you'll be provided with the total monthly cost. This tool allows you to dream just big enough.

2. Mortgage Specialists

Everyone's first experience buying a house is different, but one thing is for sure – you will have questions. Lots and lots of questions. That's why each of North Country Savings Banks' lending offices has an experienced Mortgage Specialist. With over 10 years of experience, these experts can answer the questions you have and the ones you hadn't even thought of yet. They're an invaluable asset at every stage of the home buying process, especially for first-time home buyers!

3. No Origination Fees

Most banks and lenders will charge an origination fee to cover the costs of processing your mortgage application and paperwork. While this is generally a small percentage of the overall cost of your loan, it's still an annoying additional fee to pay. North Country Savings Bank, however, is committed to helping people find their dream home at the lowest cost possible. That means no Origination Fees for you!

4. No Prequalification Fees

Before you submit an official mortgage application, it's a good idea to submit a mortgage prequalification application. This will help you understand how much you can borrow, and therefore help you build a realistic budget. While this is a service many banks will require you to pay for, North Country Savings Bank believes that knowledge is priceless. Fill out a mortgage prequalification application online at no cost so you can go forth and buy with confidence!

5. Online Applications

We can all agree that manually filling out paperwork is an unpopular chore. Your hand cramps, the pen runs out of ink, and there's never enough room in those tiny boxes for your email address. North Country Savings Bank has taken the pain out of applying for a mortgage by offering online applications! Once you've completed and submitted your online application, one of NCSB's Loan Originators will contact you to review your application and complete the process! Apply online – your hand will thank you.

6. First-time Buyer Classes

There's a lot to learn, and North Country Savings Bank wants you to have all the information and tools you need to secure your first mortgage. That's why NCSB has partnered with the North Country Housing Council to provide monthly first-time homebuyer classes. Not only will you leave with a head full of mortgage knowledge, but your attendance will also qualify you for special grant money for first-time buyers that can be put towards your down payment!

7. The Local Touch

North Country Savings Bank is part of your community. Instead of leaving a message on Mr. Big Banker's answering machine, or sending emails that will never be returned, walk in the doors of your local NCSB and speak with a real person. The experts at North Country Savings Bank will take time to get to know you and your personal financial situation, helping you make the right decisions for your own personal circumstances. With various checking, saving, and business accounts available, you can do all of your banking under one roof. Discounts on their competitive rates are even available for customers with pre-existing NCSB checking accounts! Last but not least, you can feel good about securing your mortgage through NCSB because mortgage dollars are reinvested into the community. It's the neighborly thing to do!

There are few moments in life as simultaneously exciting and nerve-wracking as buying your first house. By working with North Country Savings Bank, you can make the mortgage process a positive part of your journey. Whether you're ready to apply for a mortgage online today, or just want to get the conversation started with one of NCSB's mortgage experts, North Country Savings Bank is here and ready to guide you.

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