What Should Your First New Year’s Resolution Be?

Wondering what your New Years resolution should be this year? A money diet. Yes, seriously! 

It’s exactly what it sounds like – and come January after all of that holiday fun, you might find that a diet for the next month will not only do great things for your waistline, but your finances, too!

It may seem a little drastic at first: no spending for 31 days?! At the end of the month after cutting out all of those unnecessary purchases, you’ll be amazed, trust us. 

Four Ways to Spend Zero Dollars in January

  1. Don’t Be Shy. First things first. This will be way easier if you tell your friends and family what’s going on versus avoiding them for a month. Plan a potluck dinner at your place. Offer to host movie night instead of going to the theatre. Involve others and don’t be shy!
  2. Use Your Kitchen. Eat out a few nights a week or grab takeout a little too often? You’re probably guilty as charged like most of us! Even if you’re not the best cook, take this opportunity to brush up on your culinary skills. 
  3. Clean Up. If you’re not out spending, you might have some extra time on your hands next month. If that’s the case, use it to sort through old stuff and determine what you can giveaway, consign, or sell at a spring garage sale.
  4. Find the Free Stuff! In any community, there are always free events happening. Take a look at your local community calendar to see what’s going on in January, head to a free gallery opening, or lend a hand at a volunteer event or charitable organization in your neighborhood. 

Want more tips for spending $0 in January? Stop by your local branch to chat with one of our representatives. 

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