Protect your Money on Vacation

Please notify North Country Savings Bank of any travel plans prior to your departure. Since transactions outside of your normal purchase habits are more likely to result in your card being blocked, this will prevent your MasterMoney Debit Card from being blocked by our fraud management services. We recommend bringing an alternate form of payment (checks, traveler's checks or credit) in the event that your debit card is compromised.

To notify us of your travel plans please call us at 315-386-4533 or send us a message using EagleNET Online banking.

Why Does North Country Savings Bank Freeze your Card?

Due to recent fraud trends we closely monitor our customers' purchases for anything that seems out of the ordinary. This is to protect our customers from becoming victims of identity theft. The following transactions could be deemed as suspicious activity and cause your account to be frozen:

  • Transactions from all countries outside of the United States and Canada*
  • Internet transactions over $200 for countries outside of the United States and Canada*
  • Purchase from merchants deemed risky due to recent fraud trends
  • Contactless transaction at a terminal

*If you plan on traveling or making Internet and phone purchases over $200 outside of the United States or Canada please notify us to exempt you from this block.
**You may avoid this by using your PIN to make your purchase.