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Your Hometown Community Bank

President Terry Phalon shares what sets North Country Savings apart from other banks in the North Country.

We are customer-based and community-driven – and it's because of this that we've been a successful community bank for over a century. Identifying ourselves as such enables us to share and serve our communities on a fundamental level. This allows us to be responsive, to listen to our customers, and adapt accordingly. We put our communities first above all else, and our dedication to maintaining this high standard has not wavered since day one.

This dedication can be found throughout every aspect of our organization and across service offerings. From a child opening their first savings account to a newly married couple applying for their first home mortgage, we provide all levels of service to our customer base, young and old. It's this attention to detail that aids us in helping our customers reach their dreams.

Alongside this, we're committed to providing our customers with safe and secure financial experiences. Staying on top of the latest technological advancements ensures we minimize threats while providing innovative technologies in our modernized and digital banking world.

If the heart of North Country Savings Bank is a customer-centric and community-driven mentality, the heartbeat is certainly our dedicated employees, who collectively serve as the driving force that allows us to move forward and thrive. Their well-being, as well as that of their families, is of the utmost importance to us. The same can be said for our customers as well as our communities, where we take pride in playing an active role in supporting local organizations and giving back.

But what sets us apart? Above all else, it's our passionate, professional, and caring staff. Relationships matter to us. That means we'll be here for you after hours and on the weekends, and that when you see us outside of the bank, whether at a community function or at the grocery store, you'll see not only your bank teller or Banker, but a friendly, familiar face.

Since we were founded over a century ago, our dedication to our customers has remained paramount – and it will continue to remain paramount for the next century. We're here to serve you, to help you realize your dreams, and in the process, make our communities stronger.


Theresa A. Phalon
President and CEO
North Country Savings Bank

North Country Savings Bank's Trustees

Jeanine McLellan - Chairperson
Andrew McMahon - Vice Chairperson
Pamela Mahoney - Corporate Secretary
Mark L. Brackett
Dr. Patricia Mahoney
Phillip Cosmo
John M. Barstow
Dr. JC Palermo
Kelly O'Neill
Theresa A. Phalon
Evan W. Poole