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Fraud Text Alerts

fraud alert

Fraud Text Alerts

At North Country Savings Bank, your financial security is our number one priority. When a transaction is flagged as potential fraud North Country Savings Bank will send a “NCSB Premium Text Alert” to you, the cardholder. With “NCSB Premium Text Alert” no enrollment process is required; all North Country Savings Bank cardholders will automatically be enrolled in the service.

The short code that would appear from “NCSB Premium Text Alert” is 37268. The image above in green is an example of what the text alert would look like. Please respond accordingly to prevent any potential fraud on your North Country Savings Bank debit card.

Process when a transaction is flagged as potential fraud:

  1. Cardholder’s transaction is flagged, denied, and a case is created.
  2. If a text enabled number is listed on file, within 30 seconds of the denial the cardholder will receive a text message to verify the transaction.
  3. Cardholder will receive a second text message based on the given response.
    • If response is “YES” the cardholder will receive a second text message prompting them to attempt the transaction again.
    • If response is “NO” the cardholder will be prompted to contact the listed call center and a restriction will be placed on the card.
  4. If cardholder doesn’t respond to a text message within 15 minutes, then a voice call will be attempted at all the listed numbers on file.
    • The system would skip to the next communication channel if no text-enabled number is identified on file.
  5. Once the cardholder responds to the message, the case will be closed.