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Frequently Asked Questions


Online Banking FAQs

EagleNET online banking allows you to monitor your accounts, pay bills online, and transfer cash between your accounts from your smartphone or computer. Our convenient and secure online banking service is free for all customers, and you can sign up online at any time.

Our mobile banking app also offers the ability to deposit checks from your smartphone. Download our mobile banking app here, or from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

EagleNET is a remote banking service that allows North Country Savings Bank customers to access their account information, check balances, transfer funds, and pay bills online at any time.

EagleNET Online Banking and bill pay services are both free for all North Country Savings Bank customers.

  • Check balances
  • Review statement and other account information
  • Review online activity (transfers only)
  • Transfer funds between accounts at North Country Savings Bank
  • Transfer funds between North Country Savings Bank and other U. S. financial institutions
  • Review The North Country Savings Bank product information
  • Pay a bill
  • Deposit a check with remote capture (mobile devices only via app)
  • Make a payment inquiry on completed payments
  • Add, change, and delete payees
  • Export/Import bill payments and other account activity to various personal financial management software packages
  • Export/Import payee lists to various personal financial management software packages
  • Import/Export transactions to various personal financial management software packages
  • Send and receive email to/from Customer Service

Ensuring your privacy and security of your account and personal information is a top priority. Our online and mobile banking services adhere to strict security policies. All our online banking systems are designed and maintained with security in mind. To help protect your account, remember to always log out of your online banking account after each session and avoid logging in on shared or public devices.

You’ll need the following information to sign up for online banking:

  • Social Security number
  • Driver’s license
  • Account number

You can log in through our website or mobile app using your own unique username and password.

If you forget your password, click “forgot password” on the main EagleNET Online login screen and fill out the form to reset your password. If you have entered your password in wrong 3 times, you are locked out and need to call customer service. Passwords are good for one year, after which we require a password change (old passwords cannot be reused).

You can access all accounts at North Country Savings Bank where you have an ownership relationship.

The available balance is your current balance minus any pending debit card purchases, automatic drafts, processing checks or other debits from your account. Your available balance can also include overdraft protection accounts (savings or LOC) as well as the balance available if you participate in our overdraft privilege service (if this is used, fees are assessed).

Online banking information is updated immediately.

EagleNET assigns a reference number to each completed transaction that serves as an electronic receipt. Each month, customers will receive their normal monthly statement that also includes all EagleNET activity (payments and transfers). This integrated statement is the only hard copy receipt you’ll need for taxes and other verification purposes, and it contains all the transaction and regulatory information needed for your records.

Sign in or create an online banking profile, select the tab for eStatements, click view eStatements and follow the prompts to enroll.

Sign into your online banking profile, select the tab for eStatements and click “View Statements”.

"Today" payments are processed the same day or the next business day depending on when they are scheduled. In many cases, bill payments are transferred electronically to the payee within two (2) business days. In cases where payees are not set up to accept electronic payments, a paper check is sent, which may take five (5) business days. EagleNET will indicate how many days are needed to ensure timely payments. External Account Transfer "pushes" take two (2) business days if the other institution accepts electronic transactions. External Account Transfer "pulls" take five (5) business days to process. Payments and transfers scheduled on weekends or holidays will send early to ensure they are there by the date designated by the end user.

Mobile deposits can only be done through our mobile banking app. Login to the app, select the 3 bars in the upper right corner, choose Deposit a Check. You will be asked to accept the terms and then you will be prompted through the process. You must take a picture of the front and back of the check. You must sign the back of the check AND write "FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY". No third party checks are accepted via this method. You will receive a confirmation email that your deposit has been received.

Online Bill Pay allows you to pay your bills online directly from your checking account by setting up a payee and payment schedule.

You can pay as many bills as you need to as often as you want - you can have an unlimited number of merchants on your payee list.

You can pay almost anyone, anywhere in the United States - from national credit cards, mortgage companies, auto loans, department stores to the paperboy, piano teacher, or babysitter. Payees cannot include court-ordered payments (such as alimony, child support, speeding tickets, etc.), tax entities, or collection agencies.

EagleNET will confirm same-day transactions only if you have sufficient funds in the primary checking account, savings account to cover the transactions or if you have overdraft protection. If you do not have sufficient funds or overdraft protection on the scheduled date (future or recurring payments) to cover the transaction, it will NOT be completed that day - EagleNET will attempt to complete the transaction the following day. If there are not sufficient funds on the second day, the transaction will NOT be attempted again. If you have overdraft protection the payment will be processed and you will be charged an insufficient funds fee.

Whoever is responsible for the error pays the late fees. Payments typically take either two (2) or five (5) business days to process, indicated by the "deliver by" date. If the payment was late, even though the deliver-by-date indicated that the payment would reach the destination in time, then our bill payment service will take responsibility for the late fee. If the payment was scheduled and did not allow enough time for processing, you will be responsible for late fees.

You should contact the EagleNET Customer Service Department by phone or by completing an online Payment Inquiry and provide all relevant information about the payment (i.e., payee name, date of payment, dollar amount, due date, etc.). A Payment Inquiry Representative will research the error and contact you with a resolution as soon as possible. In the event that our bill payment service or the payee was at fault, you will be refunded any late fees.

The number of payees is unlimited and you can add and delete payees at your convenience.

  • Select the PAYEES tab
  • Click the CHANGE icon next to the payee to change payee information, OR
  • Click the TRASH icon to delete a payee

If you do not wish to utilize the bill pay functionality, use the Home Banking version of the service without setting up payees or payments. You’ll be able to access all banking functions while avoiding the bill pay functions. If you wish to "upgrade" service to its full capacity, you may do so by adding one or more payees to utilize the bill pay functions.

Call the Lost/Stolen Card Customer Service line at (800) 264-5578 to report the incident.

If you have questions about any transactions completed through the service, or if you experience issues with any access device, contact EagleNET Customer Service Department 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at the number below or click the HELP button: 877-781-3363

Please note EagleNet Customer Service is closed on the following holidays:

  • New Year's Day
  • Memorial Day
  • Independence Day
  • Labor Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Day