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Protect your Bank Account

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Protect your Bank Account

North Country Savings Bank is committed to protecting your data, but we need your help. As identity theft and credit card fraud become increasingly common, it is more important than ever that our customers take appropriate steps to protect their information online. Following the guidelines below can help protect your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.


Monitor Your Accounts

Managing your bank accounts and credit cards online can help protect your identity. Login and check your financial statements regularly, and if you notice unauthorized transactions on any of your North Country Savings Bank accounts, contact us immediately at (888) 737-4795.

How to Protect Your Bank Account

  • North Country Savings Bank will never ask for your passwords, account numbers, PINs, social security numbers, date of births, or any other non-public personal information via email. If you ever receive an email or unsolicited phone call requesting this type of information DO NOT provide it and contact us immediately at (888) 737-4795. Provide us with as much information as possible so we can properly warn other customers.
  • Sign up for EagleNET Online Banking and monitor your transaction history regularly.
  • Shred all financial documents before you throw them away.
  • Notify us of travel plans if you plan to use your card while on vacation or business trips.
  • When you access EagleNet Online, be sure to check for anything that looks unfamiliar, unprofessional, or out of place. We rarely make changes on EagleNet so if something seems different and we haven't alerted you of any changes, contact us immediately.
  • Use ATMs you are familiar with or are located at a bank. Pay attention to which ATMs you frequently use, and how they look. Be sure to check that all graphics and logos are aligned correctly and the arrows below the card reader are not too close, as this could be a sign a fake card reader has been placed over the real card reader.
  • Cover the ATM keypad with your hand while entering your PIN even if there is nobody around. Skimmers could have cameras on the ATM to try and steal your PIN.
  • Choose a PIN that is easy for you to remember but hard for anyone else to guess, and never share your PIN with anyone.
  • Be sure to take a look at our Ultimate Guide to Identity Theft Protection Online & Offline.