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Debit Cards

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MasterMoney Debit Cards

Gone are the days of writing checks and carrying cash to make everyday purchases. Debit Cards are convenient, easy to use and are accepted by most merchants. All North Country Savings Bank checking accounts include a MasterMoney Debit Card with an EMV chip.

North Country Savings Bank's MasterMoney Debit Card is equipped with an EMV Chip, which is a safer, more secure payment processor. Learn more about this chip and common questions below. 

“PayPass” is a trademark owned by MasterCard International Incorporated.

“payWave” is a trademark owned by Visa, Inc.

“EMV” is a trademark owned by EMVCo LLC.

Below are the most common questions our customer ask related to debit cards. Don't see your question here? Contact us or stop by the North Country Savings Bank location closest to you.

When you make a purchase with a MasterMoney Debit Card, the cashier or the card reader will ask whether you want to use your card as "debit" or "credit." Both options will work - either way, the money will come from your checking account. If you select DEBIT, enter your four-digit personal identification number (PIN). Funds will be deducted from your account immediately. If you select CREDIT, simply sign for your purchase like you would with a credit card. Funds will typically clear your account within 2-3 business days.

Activate your card by performing a balance inquiry with your PIN at any ATM.

You can either set a personalized PIN at your local North Country Savings Bank branch or receive a secure PIN through the mail.

Call 800-992-3808, or contact your local branch.

In some cases, yes. To avoid any unwanted fees be sure to check your balance frequently and conveniently using EagleNET Online Banking, the free mobile app, or by setting up alerts on your account.

Your debit card can be linked to your savings account upon request. Funds from a savings account can only be accessed using your debit card through an ATM withdrawal.

Yes, please notify North Country Savings Bank about any card(s) you plan to use while traveling, so your card access isn't interrupted. For your protection, we'll continue to monitor card activity even when a travel notice is set. If you encounter any issues while traveling, we're here to help.