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Biometrics Authentication

Biometrics Authentication  

North Country Savings Bank's mobile app now has Biometric Authentication, which means you can log in to EagleNET Online faster than ever before! Read the common facts and questions related to setup and security below. 

General Functionality FAQ

When you enable Biometrics Authentication to log on, any biometrics stored on your device at the time of registration, can be used to log on to the North Country Savings Bank Mobile Banking app. If you have other people's biometrics registered on your mobile device, they will be able to access your account information as well. For your security, anytime new biometrics are added to your device, you will be required to re-enroll in this feature.

If your mobile device is lost or stolen you can delete a device at any time by logging onto your account from a PC or another device and selecting the Biometrics Device Management screen. You can delete the lost/ stolen device from the list of devices currently authorized. In addition, anytime a new biometric is added to the device, re-enrollment is required. So a lost device should not be able to access your account without your biometric or account username/ password.

North Country Savings Bank does not collect your biometric details, and cannot link it to the personal information we hold about you. North Country Savings Bank is relying on the device to authenticate the biometric and confirm or reject verification.

You will need to register your biometric on the new device, and then set up Biometrics sign-in to access Mobile Banking using your biometrics.

BIometrics sign-in has the same high level security as all authentication methods for online and mobile banking.

Biometrics Authentication is an optional authentication method offered by North Country Savings Bank to sign into North Country Savings Bank Mobile Banking.

Removing and Disabling Biometric FAQ

Biometrics Authentication can be disabled in a number of ways:

1. By using the mobile app and navigating from the: Sign-In page → Service Center → Manage Biometrics → BIometrics Enrollment → Click "Unenroll".

2. Using a browser to navigate to Service Center → Manage Biometric Devices → delete the device(s) you wish to remove.

Biometric Sign-in FAQ

No. Once you are enrolled with Biometrics authentication, your biometrics is the only required sign-in credential.

No. You can use your Login ID and Password to sign-in to the North Country Savings Bank app.