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You’ve thought about ditching the lease and moving into your own home. You’ve even dreamed of those backyard barbecues and games of fetch with your dog. And now, you’re ready to take the next step. But what is the next step? And the step after that? Becoming a first-time homebuyer is a big deal, both financially and emotionally. It’s exciting, it’s nerve-racking and overwhelming, and everything that goes along with it is new. And you probably have many questions. But rest assured, at North Country Savings Bank, we’ve got the answers and we’ve got you!

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The North Country Savings Bank team is here for you. We'll walk you through every step of the mortgage process, from answering your questions about where to begin to explaining all the important financial details. Our experienced Personal Bankers and Loan Originators are prepared to help first time home buyers get their credit reports in check, figure out how much house they can afford, and be there at the finish when they finally sign on the dotted line.

Buying your first home is life-changing, but it doesn't have to be stressful. We love helping people move into their dream homes. So don't worry: You've got this, and we've got you.

Top Tips for First-Time Homebuyers
Congratulations, you've decided to buy your first home! It's a huge step and arguably the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. While that may sound scary and overwhelming, these tips can help you feel more prepared to become a first-time home...
7 Things Every First Time Homebuyer Must Know
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How to Build Home Equity and What to Do With It
First off, what is home equity? Home equity is the difference between your home's value and the amount you still owe. Homes, unlike cars or boats, naturally gain equity over time, especially if you, the homeowner, do any sort of work on it to increas...
Did You Know?

At North Country Savings Bank, we know saving for your first home can be difficult. But guess what? We’ve partnered with the North Country Housing Council to support new homebuyers in St. Lawrence County with a monthly First-Time Homebuyer Class that will qualify you for grant money. Did you read that right? Yes, money. Get money to help buy your first dream home sooner than you thought possible!

So Many Questions, So Little Time

Still have questions or need assistance with other financial concerns? View our list of frequently asked mortgage questions or reach out to a Personal Banking Specialist today.

Think You're Ready?

If you feel prepared to become a first-time homebuyer and would like to apply online, get started here!

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