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Internet Banking - Are You Online?

Online Banking

Internet Banking - Are You Online?

Internet banking has forever changed the way we manage our money. Instead of having to call the bank, visit a local branch, or wait for a statement to arrive in the mail, we can now instantly access our account information online. It's a huge time and money saver, for both the customer and the bank.

Yet despite the obvious benefits, online banking has recently received some negative press, primarily due to concerns about the security of accessing accounts on the Internet. Stories have surfaced about hackers stealing account or card details and going on exotic shopping sprees, leaving the unsuspecting customer to recoup their losses.

At North Country Savings Bank, we want to assure you that most fears related to Internet banking are unfounded. In fact, the most common way fraudsters obtain account details is not by hacking the bank, but by sending out spam to millions of people telling them to click a link and enter their account details, in the hope that a few will. And there's always someone who unwittingly enters their account details into an unverified website, not realizing anything has happened until the fraudsters drain their bank account.

The good news is that very basic education can stop this threat in its tracks and make your Internet banking experience almost 100% safe. The easiest piece of advice is not to click any link in an email that claims to be from your bank: instead, use your web browser and type in the address of the bank's website yourself. Also, when you are asked for your account details and password, make sure to look at the address bar in your web browser, to check that you are looking at your bank's website and not an impostor.

If you remember these simple tips, you'll likely never have to worry. For more information about the convenience and security of online banking, stop by your neighborhood North Country Savings Bank to talk to one of the experienced banking professionals.

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