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5 Steps To Maximize Back-to-School Savings

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5 Steps To Maximize Back-to-School Savings

It’s back-to-school shopping season! For kids of all ages, this is a time of fun and excitement – after all, who doesn’t love a good shopping spree, especially when it’s for a brand new box of crayons, notebook, or outfit at the beginning of the school year?

For many adults, however, it can be a time of financial juggling. That’s where we come in.

5 Easy Steps to Maximize Your Back-to-School Savings

Step 1: Budget

First things first! Set a budget for your back-to-school shopping. Techniques that can aid you in doing so include separating the necessities from the negotiable items, allocating cash into separate envelopes for each of your children, and even allowing older children to handle their own back-to-school budgeting.

Step 2: Take Inventory

Before going out and buying an entire new wardrobe of school clothes, take stock of what’s already in your child’s closet, as well as any other ‘leftover’ clothes and supplies you have on hand from last year. 

Step 3: Make a List

Based on your inventory, make a solidified back-to-school shopping list so you can avoid impulse buys in the store. Teach your kids about budgeting by stressing the importance of sticking to the list. 

Step 4: Find the Best Deal

Whether you search online, find in-store promotions, or buy in bulk, there are a variety of ways you can maximize your back-to-school savings – all you have to do is take the time to look! 

Step 5: Have a Party

Clothing swap parties are all the rage these days! Host one with your friends who have children of similar ages, make a few rules regarding clothing cleanliness and wear, and require everyone to bring a certain amount of items for party admittance. Leave the kids at home and have fun while you ‘shop!’

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