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Small Investments With Big Payoffs In Home Sales

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Small Investments With Big Payoffs In Home Sales

Selling your home is a big step that requires some work beyond hiring a savvy real estate agent. There are steps that you can take to maximize the value of your home without making drastic repairs and improvements that cost thousands. Appearance is everything in selling your home. These are a few ways you can improve the overall impression your home makes on prospective buyers.

Get Your Home Showroom Ready When Selling

Cleaning House

A dirty house won't provide the same level of attraction to a potential buyer as a clean one. An inexpensive way to increase the value of your home is to thoroughly clean it. This means more than just a quick tidying up of clutter. Getting carpets cleaned, chimney swept, windows washed and floors mopped are a few ways to greatly improve the overall impression of your home. A home that looks well cared for can appear newer, and more inviting to potential buyers.

Tackle the Clutter

Packing up some of your personal items to reduce clutter is another way to improve the overall appearance of your home. Reducing clutter will make your home look cleaner and larger. You should always be prepared for an unexpected showing, so keep boxes or storage tubs ready to be filled with odds and ends and tucked away.

Outside Appearance

Since many prospective buyers will drive by your house to get a first impression, it is of the utmost importance to have a well-maintained yard and exterior. Having a new paint job, fresh shutters, or a new mailbox are a few ways to accomplish this. Unless it is winter, you can also revamp your property with some inexpensive landscaping adjustments. A few new plants, clearing of weeds, brush and debris are a great way to make your property shine. Sealing your driveway and adding new flowerbeds can also boost the chances of selling your home, making them well worth the investment and effort.

Real Estate Broker Fees

Cleaning up your property's appearance may give you a worthwhile return when you sell your home, but that isn't the only way to gain money from a sale. A real estate broker earns fees and commissions, which reduce the amount you make from selling your home. Using a single-fee broker is a great way to save on a sale. These brokers will help you sell your home without charging a commission if you agree to purchase your next home through them. It's an easy way to gain more out of your sale if you aren't moving too far from your current home.

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