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What You Need to Know About Fraud

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Identity Theft Protection

What You Need to Know About Fraud

Fraud can happen to anyone. From credit card fraud and elder fraud to identity theft and fake check scams, there are a multitude of ways your personal information can be compromised. Although fraud can sometimes be hard to detect, there are ways to help identify potential fraudulent transactions. Consider the following tips to help keep your information safe:


  1. North Country Savings Bank will NEVER send a text message that includes a link to be clicked. You should not click on a link in a text message if you do not know the source.
  2. A phone call regarding potentially fraudulent transactions from North Country Savings Bank's automated dialer will only include a request for your zip code (no other personal information), unless you confirm that a transaction is fraudulent. Only then will you be transferred to an agent who will ask questions to confirm your identity before going through your transactions.
  3. North Country Savings Bank will NEVER ask for the PIN or the 3-digit security code on the back of your card.
  4. Regularly check your account(s) online for suspicious transactions, especially if you are unsure about a call or text message you received. If anything looks off, call the number on the back of your card.
  5. If you receive a call, text message, email, or voice message and are unsure about responding to it, do not respond, and call North Country Savings Bank using the number on the back of your card.

For additional resources about fraud, check out North Country Savings Bank's identification protection information.

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