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Non-Traditional Holiday Gift Ideas

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Non-Traditional Holiday Gift Ideas

While giving presents and making someone smile can feel great, the pressure to get the perfect gift can be overwhelming, costly and time-consuming. Many people are difficult to shop for or prefer to buy items they need themselves, which means some gifts go unused.

To avoid buying gifts that just end up collecting dust, try giving a non-traditional present that can't be wrapped and put under a tree. These gifts are often times more special and memorable for you and the recipient.

Alternative Gift Ideas

Give to Charity

The holidays can be difficult for some families, which is why many charities ask for donations this time of year. Churches and non-profit organizations offer lots of different ways to give back during the holidays: buying gifts for a child that might not have any presents under the tree otherwise, or donating essentials such as bath towels, blankets, and clothes for the less fortunate families in your community. You can be sure these simple gifts will be greatly appreciated by people who truly need them.

Focus on Experiences

Even the children in your family will appreciate these non-traditional gifts. Instead of giving toys they may never play with, give the gift of a new experience. Adopt an animal at the local zoo and visit throughout the year, sign them up for a class they are interested in (like dance or swimming lessons), or take them to a concert or show.

Travel Somewhere New

The best gift is being able to spend time with family. For relatives that live far away, use the money you usually spend shipping their gifts to cover the travel costs needed to visit them. They will be so excited to see you, and your presence will be better than any present you could buy at a store.

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