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What’s New at North Country Savings Bank

North Country Savings Bank Lending Office
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What’s New at North Country Savings Bank

As we close out 2020, and head into the new year, North Country Savings Bank has a lot happening! From a new lending office to extensive safety measures, check out some of the latest updates at the bank.

New Lending Office

The Plattsburgh lending office opened on 1 Broad Street, Suite 3. The office is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Nathan Caster, assistant vice president, and Elaine Noble, lending assistant, are more than happy to help with your lending questions!

Safety Precautions

North Country Savings Bank is taking significant measures to keep both employees and customers safe. With the use of money cleaning machines, by wearing masks, and by further utilizing online and mobile banking, there are several ways to help stay safe while banking during the pandemic. In addition, each branch is cleaned nightly, and all employees are diligently sanitizing common areas.

Christmas Club Savings Account

Although the Christmas Club savings account isn't new, it is certainly helpful when it comes to holiday savings! The Christmas Club savings account has a minimum deposit of $1, and doesn't allow you to make withdrawals from the account until the maturity date. In addition, a minimum balance of $1 is required — saving a little bit throughout the year helps when you may be purchasing more around the holidays.

Debit Card Round-Up

Join the Debit Card Round-Up program to help save money as you spend it. Sounds too good to be true, right? Through the Debit Card Round-Up program, the balance of each of your purchases is rounded up to the nearest dollar and deposited into your designated savings account daily. Any debit cards associated with your enrolled checking account are automatically included in the Round-Up program.

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