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NCSB Business Banking Partner Profile: Moved in Moving

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NCSB Business Banking Partner Profile: Moved in Moving

On-the-move Adirondack company credits North Country Savings Bank for helping to build their business

If there was a dime for every time in history someone dreamed up a business scheme over a pint of beer... and then two dimes taken back for every idea that never made it past an emptied glass, there would be a negative balance that looks something like our national debt.

In the case of Canton-based entrepreneurs Bryan Parker and Alex Boak, however, the duo managed to catalyze their "draft" start-up business musings into not one but two ventures. In both instances, North Country Savings Bank's business banking team proved key to their success by providing the loans they needed to get operations up and running smoothly.

Parker and Boak are partners in Moved in Moving, a Canton, NY-based company that provides moving services for homeowners, businesses, college students and anyone else looking for first-rate assistance with moving. The business started out in 2017 but demand for its services stepped up with the real estate boom in 2020. Almost any day of the week you will see one of their trailers with the Moved in Moving logo rolling through, into and out of St. Lawrence County, as they help to relocate the belongings of people who are moving locally or into or out of the state.

They have diversified their services to also include relocating sheds and providing moving and storage for college students at any of the three schools in Canton and Potsdam during summer breaks or semesters overseas.

In addition to owning and operating Moved in Moving, Parker is Fitness Center Director at SUNY Canton and Boak is head coach to SUNY Canton's men's hockey team.

Parker and Boak's first business venture was Tapped in Line Cleaning–a professional draft beef line cleaning business that served restaurants and bars in the region. Cleaning the lines between a keg and tap turns out to be important business. If lines are not properly cleaned and maintained, the enemies of beer–yeast, bacteria, mold and something called beer stone (calcium oxalate)--will spoil the flavor and aroma of beer served on tap, according to the Brewer's Association.

Tapped in Line Cleaning was staying busy until restaurants and bars took a hit as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and that is when Moved in Moving's business simultaneously took off.

For both enterprises, Boak and Parker were able to depend on North Country Savings Bank for business banking expertise and financial assistance in buying the equipment and vehicles they needed to operate.

"North Country Savings Bank helped get things rolling," said Boak. "Through the pandemic they also helped us out quite a bit with the navigation process of our business financing."

Ironically and yet in perfect North Country style, their business loan originator was a fellow who used to play hockey for SUNY Canton.

Safety and the utmost care in handling people's items is a priority for Moved in Moving. That requires help that is both strong and agile. So it's no surprise Boak and Parker have recruited a number of Roos hockey players as part-time employees. Moving a piano down to the basement was one of the trickiest moving jobs they've encountered.

"We want to do a lot of work, we want to do good work, and we want to do it fast," said Boak. A combination of strong teamwork, enterprising spirit and North Country Savings Bank's financial backing have been key to Moved in Moving being able to live up to their business ideals.

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Posted Date: 13 Apr 2023

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