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North Country Savings Bank Employee Helps Customers Find Their Dream

North Country Savings Bank Employee and Dog
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North Country Savings Bank Employee Helps Customers Find Their Dream

North Country Savings Bank (NCSB) Loan Originator Jenny (Mott) Bradish of Lake Clear, N.Y. works with local residents and new community members to find their dream homes in the North Country. Born and raised in the North Country, she values helping people create a life in an area that means so much to her.

Jenny has been with NCSB for four years, when she started as a teller in the Potsdam branch, before moving to the Malone branch to train as a loan originator before settling in the Saranac Lake lending office in June 2019. Through her role, she works with customers navigating the loan process – meeting with customers to discuss the application process, working with underwriters and attorneys to move applications forward, and creating spreadsheets to keep everything organized and on-schedule.

"I'm very vocal about what I do and I offer to help relatives and friends," said Bradish. "Word of mouth works well because some people don't realize I do this type of work right here in town. Since we are a smaller local office, we have the advantage of being able to do more face-to-face meetings, which I like."

When it comes to the overall loan process, Jenny believes NCSB stands out because they are an in-house lender, meaning the entire process stays in-house at NCSB. This allows for a more seamless process, lower closing costs, and immediate access to the team at NCSB for any questions customers might have.

"I've always been a people person," said Bradish. "I never saw myself being a loan originator but I enjoy it because I work with customers on a more personal level. I want you to come in and learn every step so you know what I'm doing and feel comfortable."

Throughout her time as a loan originator, she has had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of people from the North Country and beyond. Jenny says she is grateful for the people she meets through her job and enjoys seeing them find success with their new homes. She also values the local partnerships she's developed living in the North Country.

"I work with real estate agents I've known my whole life," said Bradish. "An agent I work closely with texted me at 9 p.m. one night saying she had customers that found a house they wanted and asked if I could get them a pre-approval by noon the next day. I set up a 6 a.m. meeting with the customers, got the approval in by 10:30 a.m., and they were able to close within 45 days. I always do whatever it takes to get people in the house they want."

One feature Jenny feels is a unique offering the NCSB lending office has is regarding construction loans. NCSB does not require bank-certified contractors—customers can work with a contractor of their choice.

"I worked with a couple who was moving to the North Country from Delaware to build a house," said Bradish. "They had a preferred builder who knew how to create the unique house they wanted, so we made it happen. The customer came back after the process was completed and thanked me for being so involved."

Jenny is proud to work for NCSB and live in the North Country. She is glad to help connect others with the place she loves. When she's not working, you can find her grabbing a bite to eat with family and friends at The 1892 Bar & Grille in Lake Clear or boating on Higley Flow in Colton, N.Y.

"Making people's dreams come true is the best part about my job," said Bradish. "Being able to work with them step-by-step throughout the process to make their dreams a reality is very rewarding."

Posted Date: 01 Oct 2021

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