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Financial Tips


Financial Tips

Check Washing and Check Theft Scams

Bank Customer Fraud Alert: Check Washing

While it may seem like the safest ways to pay your bills, check writing has been subject to an increase in fraudulent activity over the past several years.

Tips for Reducing Your Income Taxes

Tips for Reducing Your Income Taxes

Most of us want to lower our income tax bills, and, with a little bit of planning, there are ways to do so. Here are common expenses you can itemize on your Form 1040 tax return, using Schedule A, to help reduce your income tax payments:

Debit cards

6 Advantages of Using Debit Cards

Debit cards are the happy medium between cash and credit cards – you get the convenience of carrying a card without the risk of overspending. If you've never used a debit card before, or are thinking about trying them out, here are our top seven reasons you should give it a try.

Car keys on table

How to Finance a Car

Financing a New (Or New-to-You) Car When it comes to financing and loans, people spend a lot of time talking about mortgages, personal loans, and even student loans. But what about auto loans?

bowl of salad for a diet

Oprah's Debt Diet: What It Is & How You Can Benefit

Over a decade ago, talk show host Oprah Winfrey presented her viewers and fans with an 8-step program for debt management. It was designed to get people thinking about their debt, taking control of it, and eventually eliminating their debt altogether.

Tips to Pay Off Your Holiday Debt Fast

Ah, the calm after the storm of the holidays. Gifts have been given, parties attended, and your stomach filled to the brim with delicious treats and sweets. It’s all great and wonderful...

hand sticking up out of water

In Debt Over Your Head? 5 Steps to Help You Rise Above

If debt is a constant and worrying presence in your life, what measures are you taking to change your current financial situation? If nothing is your answer, you might want to consider these five easy steps to start alleviating the stress that debt can create in your life. 

Need help getting out of debt?

Why wait and save to buy something when you can borrow money today and pay it back later? That's the question many consumers contemplate when making purchases. Combine this attitude with easily-accessible borrowing options and it's no wonder why many find themselves spending their way into debt.

5 Actions to Managing Excessive Debt

Are you having trouble paying your bills when they are due? Does the problem seem to be overwhelming? If you're deep in debt, here are some actions you may take to improve your financial situation.

Tug of war

To Refinance or Not to Refinance?

Your home is your biggest asset. Memories have been made there, investments have been undertaken, and time and energy have been put into making it what it is today.

Know the ABC's of Home Equity

With spring approaching, home-related spring cleaning and repairs are on the docket for many homeowners. As you gear up for your upcoming home improvements, questions regarding home equity lending may arise.

Typing on keyboard with credit card in hand

What You Need to Know About Fraud

Fraud can happen to anyone. From credit card fraud and elder fraud to identity theft and fake check scams, there are a multitude of ways your personal information can be compromised.